Boomer Elmsdale
Tue, February 20, 2024 at 05:02 AM
We appreciate all the support and love from our fans and we are looking forward to an exciting and competitive season. We hope to make you all proud and inspire you with our hard work and determination on the court. Go (team name)! As the new season for the San Dieguito Academy High School volleyball team approaches, excitement and anticipation are building up among the players, coaches, and fans. With a young team this year, Coach Taylor Hoff is determined to maintain the same level of competitiveness and winning mentality as last season, despite losing 15 seniors. When asked about the team's goals for the upcoming season, Coach Hoff emphasized the importance of a "reload mentality" as opposed to a rebuild. He wants his team to continue with the same drive and determination to win, despite having a younger and less experienced team. An important factor in achieving this mentality will be the team's ability to work together and support one another. The team's top returning players, Stevie Olson and Henry Wegener, bring valuable experience and leadership to the team. Olson, a senior and team captain, will be stepping into a larger role as the starting setter this season. Meanwhile, Wegener, a junior and primary libero, will be relied upon to control and calm the defense and serve receive. Both players possess qualities that make them special and key pieces to the team's success. The addition of new players, such as sophomores Chase Estrin and Trevor Anderson and junior Andrew Paul, is expected to have an immediate impact on the team. Estrin, a 6'3" outside hitter and opposite, brings a strong arm and solid blocking skills to the team. Anderson, a young setter, has the potential to earn a starting spot throughout the season. And Paul, a 6'4" blocker and hitter, not only brings strong skills on the court but also displays great leadership qualities. Team chemistry and camaraderie are crucial for any successful team, and Coach Hoff's team is no exception. With the players already practicing together in the offseason and playing on a beach team in the fall, their chemistry is solid. This, coupled with evenly balanced and competitive practices, creates a strong foundation for the team to build upon as they enter the season. When it comes to motivating his players, Coach Hoff believes in encouragement, reassurance, modeling, and praise.