Mens Volleyball
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 10:02 AM
With a team comprising mostly of sophomores and juniors, the San Dieguito Academy HS boys' volleyball team is certainly a young and talented one. However, that doesn't stop Coach Taylor Hoff from aiming high for this upcoming season. In this article, we caught up with Coach Hoff to get the inside scoop about the team's strengths, weaknesses, and expectations for this year. With 15 seniors on the team last year, this season is often considered a rebuilding year. However, Coach Hoff is determined to not let that mindset affect the team's performance. "I would like us to have a reload mentality with the same competitiveness and will to win that we did last season," shares Coach Hoff. This determination to keep up the team's high standards and level of performance is indicative of the coach's strong leadership and belief in his players. One player who is expected to be a key leader for the team this season is senior Stevie Olson. While he was a backup setter last year, this season he will be stepping into the role of captain. This is a testament to his hard work and good attitude, qualities that stood out to Coach Hoff when deciding on the team's captain. "Stevie is a great leader and he will have a big role in shaping the team's dynamics and performance on the court," expresses Coach Hoff. Alongside Olson, there are a few other players who are being looked at as potential game-changers this season. Junior Henry Wegener, who played as a defensive specialist last year, now takes the helm as the team's primary libero. "Wegener needs to control and calm the defense and serve receive, which are crucial elements in our game," says Coach Hoff, highlighting the important role he plays in the team's success. Another young player who has caught the coach's attention is sophomore Chase Estrin. Standing at 6'3, Estrin brings a heavy arm and a great block to the team as an Outside Hitter and Opposite. While he may not have much varsity experience under his belt, his competitive nature and ability to support his teammates make him an exciting addition to the team. "Chase has a lot of potential and I can see him making his mark in the starting lineup throughout the season," states Coach Hoff. And it's not just the sophomores who are expected to make an impact this season.