National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 11:24 AM
The San Dieguito Academy High School boys' volleyball team is gearing up for an exciting new season, under the guidance of their experienced coach, Taylor Hoff. With a mix of young talent and returning seniors, the team is aiming for a "reload" mentality in order to continue their success from last season. According to Coach Hoff, the team has undergone a major change in terms of players, with 15 seniors leaving last season. This year, the team's composition mainly consists of sophomores and juniors, making it a rebuilding year. However, Coach Hoff is determined to maintain the same level of competitiveness and will to win that the team had in the previous season. Leading the team this year as a captain is senior Stevie Olson, who was the back-up setter last season. Olson is expected to take on a bigger role, guiding and motivating his teammates to success. Another key player to watch out for is junior Henry Wegener, who has transitioned from being a defensive specialist to the primary Libero. Coach Hoff looks to Wegener to provide a sense of calm and control on the defensive end. Among the young talents on the team, sophomore Chase Estrin stands out as an Outside Hitter and Opposite, with a "heavy arm" and a great block. Despite not having the experience of playing at the varsity level, Estrin's competitive spirit and supportive nature make him a valuable asset to the team. Another rising star is sophomore setter Trevor Anderson, who Coach Hoff believes has the potential to earn a starting spot on the team as the season progresses. Junior Andrew Paul, standing at 6'4", brings a solid presence as a blocker and hitter, along with great leadership skills on the court. Coach Hoff has high expectations for Paul's performance this season. When it comes to selecting players for the team, Coach Hoff looks for key traits such as initiative, accountability, support for teammates, and the ability to handle pressure. He believes that these qualities are just as important as skill when it comes to building a successful team. The team has been preparing for the season by practicing together 1-2 times a week in the off-season. They also participate in beach volleyball tournaments as a team in the fall, which has helped to strengthen their chemistry and camaraderie. Coach Hoff explains that their practices are evenly balanced, making them both fun and competitive for the players.