Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 09:02 AM
As the spring season approaches, high school baseball teams are gearing up for a new and exciting year on the diamond. For the San Marin High School Mustangs, the 2020 season holds high expectations and ambitious goals under the leadership of head coach Jamie Vattuone. With the help of Coach Vattuone, we have gained some insight into what to expect from this year's team and their preparations for a successful season. First and foremost, Coach Vattuone's focus this season is on taking it one step at a time. The team's first goal is to win every pitch, inning, and game that comes their way. This approach emphasizes the importance of staying present and not getting too caught up in the bigger picture. However, that doesn't mean the Mustangs don't have long-term goals in mind. The team's ultimate objective for the season is to win the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) championship and make a strong run in the North Coast Section (NCS) playoffs to earn a spot in the NorCal finals. To achieve their goals, the Mustangs will rely heavily on their top returning players: seniors Anthony Scheppler, Cole Chamberlain, Jake Simpson, and junior Sean McGrath. These players have shown dedication and talent, and their experience from last season will be instrumental in leading the team to success. Coach Vattuone also has high expectations for juniors Tyler Keehn, Joey Cipollina, and Hugh Brady, as well as sophomore Matthew Baldino, who all impressed last season and will play key roles on the team this year. One of the key factors that Coach Vattuone believes will contribute to the team's success is their chemistry and leadership. Finding strong leaders within the team is a priority for the coach, and he has been keeping an eye out for players who can hold themselves and their teammates accountable. Building team chemistry and having good communication among players is crucial for any team, and the Mustangs are no exception. In terms of preparation, Coach Vattuone stresses the importance of working hard both on and off the field. The team will have rigorous practices and will also make time for team-building activities outside of the game to strengthen their bond. The coach also recognizes the importance of competition in practice, as it helps improve players' skills and fosters a competitive spirit within the team. Another factor that can have a big impact on the season is the weather.