Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 05:02 AM
The San Marino High School girls' softball team is gearing up for another exciting season filled with goals, challenges, and a positive team culture. Under the guidance of Coach Scott Edmonds, the team is focused and determined to make their experience at San Marino High School a memorable one, both on and off the field. The team's primary focus this season is to ensure that players enjoy their high school athletic experience while also maintaining good academics. With the support of the school's administration and dedicated coaches, the team strives to create a balance between sports and education, preparing the players for their future endeavors. Leading the team this year is Sophia Bilvado, the senior catcher who has been a crucial player for the Titans throughout her high school career. With two Rio Hondo League Team player titles, Sophia is an elite level player and also the team captain. Known for her strong leadership skills and dedication, Sophia is respected by her teammates and leads by example. Another key player on the team is Alexandra Hughes, the first baseman who is a solid, dependable link to the infield. Coach Edmonds praises her for being a consistent and reliable player, always getting the job done without seeking recognition. Alexandra may not be flashy, but she is a vital asset in the dugout and on the field. The Titans also have a promising freshman pitcher, Vivienne Barcase, who is expected to make an impact on the team this season. Along with her, two talented infielders, Madeline Bilvado (Sophia's younger sister) and Sarah Esbenshade, are set to complete the team's strong defensive lineup. Madeline has played alongside her sister in the Batbusters organization for many years, while Sarah will fill a significant gap in the second base position from last season. Coach Edmonds believes that his team's success is a result of their positive and strong team culture, which is player-driven. The players are taught the "Titans way" from their teammates, creating a bond that continues to grow and strengthen with each passing year. Starting with their weight training program in October, new players are quickly acquainted with the team's values and are encouraged to buy into the team's philosophy. The Titans train and prepare hard at each practice, setting attainable goals and showing the players how to achieve them. This approach motivates the players, as they see their progress and receive positive feedback.