Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 22, 2024 at 05:02 AM . California
We are looking forward to a great season and appreciate all the support from our fans. Go Cardinals! As the spring sports season approaches, high school baseball teams across the nation are gearing up for another exciting season. The Santa Cruz High School baseball team is no exception, with determined coaching and top returning players leading the way. We sat down with Coach Jesse Trumbull to get an inside look at the team's goals, strengths, and challenges for the upcoming season. Coach Trumbull's primary goal for the team this year is to compete for a league title and make it to the CCS playoffs. This speaks to the team's overall determination and drive to succeed, which will undoubtedly push them to their full potential. To achieve these goals, Coach Trumbull emphasizes the importance of key elements such as focus, effort, attitude, and respect, both on and off the field. The team's success will depend heavily on the performance of the top returning players from last season. Senior catcher Kaden Smith is not only a great player but also an exceptional leader for the team. Junior shortstop Damos Deworken is another player to watch, with his exciting gameplay and potential for growth. Pitching staff will be anchored by junior Morgan Toohey, while seniors Diego Grabiel and Triton Dew Emmett Desmond will serve as solid contributors and leaders. In addition to these returning players, there is one new player that Coach Trumbull expects to make an immediate impact on the team. Sophomore outfielder and pitcher Cam Fusari has shown great potential and is on track to becoming a special player on the team. When it comes to selecting team captains, Coach Trumbull looks for players who lead by example and take care of the little things, both on and off the field. This season, senior Kaden Smith and Triton Dew Emmett Desmond will most likely be serving as captains for the team. Team chemistry and camaraderie are also essential for success, and Coach Trumbull plans on implementing this through regular team meetings and building a strong support system within the team. Having coached the team for several years, Coach Trumbull knows the importance of motivating players to push themselves to their full potential. He emphasizes the mental aspect of the game, and constantly reminds the players to have a plan for every situation in order to be successful. As with any sports team, injuries and tough weather conditions can create challenges in preparing for the season.