Boomer Elmsdale
Wed, March 20, 2024 at 07:03 AM . California
6-10 players on the team and it could all be gone, you know. So take risks. It's okay to make mistakes. But how you respond to those mistakes, that's what matters. So I, I think a lot. One of the biggest goals for Coach Gay Brokenbough and the Santa Fe High School team this year is to win the Del Rio League and advance to at least the semi-finals for CIF. With a strong returning team and key players, this goal is definitely attainable. However, Coach Gay also emphasizes the importance of team chemistry and communication, as well as taking risks and not being afraid of making mistakes. In this article, we will take a closer look at Coach Gay's philosophies and how they reflect in the team's gameplay, as well as explore the players and their goals for the upcoming fall season. The goals going into the 2024 fall season for the Santa Fe High School team are clear - win the Del Rio League and make it to at least the semi-finals for CIF. Coach Gay has high expectations for her team, citing their success in the previous season and the fact that the whole team is returning. Despite not knowing which division they will be in until August, Coach Gay is confident that her team will be able to achieve their goals. However, winning games and making it to playoffs is not the only focus for Coach Gay. She also emphasizes the importance of personal growth and development for her players. When asked about the big keys to success for the team, Coach Gay points out her three star returning players - outside hitters Kamiya and Elizabeth Beltran and setter Abby. These players were all recognized in the previous season with Kamiya and Elizabeth being named to the All-League teams and Abby being named as a Second Team All-League player. These three key players will be the driving force behind the team's success, according to Coach Gay. But winning games and individual accolades are not the only qualities that Coach Gay looks for in potential team captains. She also values leadership, respect, and communication. Her current team captains, Maya and Abby, possess all of these qualities and are looked up to by their teammates. Their ability to handle issues within the team and effectively communicate with Coach Gay is crucial in maintaining a strong team chemistry. Speaking of team chemistry, Coach Gay believes that this team has a strong bond due to the fact that four of the players have been together for three years now.