Boomer Elmsdale
Tue, February 20, 2024 at 01:02 AM
As the new season approaches, Coach Lori Gragnola and her Saratoga High School boys volleyball team are gearing up for success on the court. With a strong group of returning players and promising new additions, the team has high hopes for the upcoming season. When asked about her overall goals for the team this year, Coach Gragnola emphasizes the importance of teamwork and confidence. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” she says. “We need to work together and be a united front in order to succeed.” In addition to fostering strong relationships among the players, Coach Gragnola also highlights the need for confidence on the court. She believes that a positive mindset and self-motivation will lead to success for the team. Speaking of returning players, Coach Gragnola points out five key seniors who have been playing at the varsity level since 10th grade. Kali Duvvuri, Sam Kau, Eric Norris, Edmund Hsu, and Scottie Rich are all expected to be leaders on the team this season. Their experience, skill, and determination make them special assets to the Saratoga High School boys volleyball team. But it’s not just the returning players who will make an impact. Coach Gragnola also recognizes the potential of the four freshman players who have joined the varsity team this year. She believes that Dawson Yeh, Anson Hulme, Lawrence He, and Ahmed Abdalla will play important roles in building the team for the future. When it comes to team captains, Coach Gragnola looks for qualities of leadership, motivation, and a strong work ethic. “We rotate captains among the seniors, but Kali is usually a captain unless he gets a T’ed in a match,” she explains. “We make sure our captains are leading by example on and off the court.” In order to build team chemistry and camaraderie this season, Coach Gragnola has planned team dinners, games, and other team bonding activities. She also emphasizes the importance of bringing the JV and Varsity programs together and building trust between the players. “Our goal is to create a strong sense of unity within the team,” she says. In terms of motivation, Coach Gragnola believes that the tight competition in their league is a driving factor for players to push themselves to their full potential. With playing time at stake, the players know that hard work and determination are necessary for success.