California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 10:54 AM
As the Selma High School track team gears up for the upcoming season, Coach Admin Admin has set high goals for the team's success. With a strong mix of returning players and promising new additions, the team is ready to represent their school with pride and determination. The overall goals for the team this year are simple yet significant – to stay focused on personal goals in the classroom while having a safe, enjoyable, and successful season. Coach Admin recognizes the importance of academics and emphasizes the need for balance between school and sports. After all, academic success is crucial in order for the players to participate in team activities. But what exactly are the key factors to achieve the team's goals this season? According to Coach Admin, recording personal records (PRs) early in the season will be crucial. This not only sets a benchmark for the players to work towards in practices but also instills a sense of determination and motivation within the team. Speaking of motivation, it's safe to say that the team has no shortage of that when it comes to their top returning players. Malachi Carrasco, one of the Central Valley's best high jumpers last season, is expected to continue his impressive performance this year. Kimberly Bojorquez, a top female returner, will also make an impact with her jumps and throws. Mickell Melancon, one of the team's fastest runners and best jumpers, is expected to continue to excel after an impressive first season in track. Meanwhile, Donovan Contreras, the team's top thrower, is anticipated to deliver big results this season after a strong performance last year. And let's not forget about the new players who will make an immediate impact on the team. Jonathan Godinez, a freshman, is already proving to be a top performer in distance running events. With these players leading the way, the team is bound to have a successful season. But success is not just about individual performances, it's also about teamwork and chemistry. Coach Admin understands the importance of these factors and plans on keeping the team's environment fun and enjoyable. After all, when a team is happy and motivated, they perform their best on the field. In addition to creating a positive team culture, communication is also essential for success. Coach Admin stresses the importance of keeping the team communication lines open. Whether it's about a player feeling under the weather or having something personal that may affect their performance, open communication is crucial for the team's success. When asked about the qualities