Track & Field
Boomer Elmsdale
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 18:42 PM
As the new season approaches, the team at Selma High School is gearing up for another exciting year of track and field. We had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Admin Admin to discuss the upcoming season and the strengths of the Selma High School team. From their overall goals to individual top performers, Coach Admin provided us with an inside look at what to expect from the Selma High track and field team this year. One of the team's overall goals for this season is to represent Selma High School with pride and honor. As a school and a team, they are focused on staying committed to personal goals in the classroom and on the field. Coach Admin stresses the importance of academic success for the team and the impact it has on their overall performance. This dedication to excellence extends beyond the track and is a testament to the values instilled in the students at Selma High School. In terms of success on the field, Coach Admin believes that setting personal records (PRs) early in the season will be crucial for the team's overall success. By having specific times or marks to work towards, athletes are able to stay motivated and focused during practice. This strategy has proven to be effective in the past and is one that the team will continue to utilize this season. The Selma High School team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals, each with their own unique strengths. One of these top performers is Malachi Carrasco, one of the best high jumpers in the Central Valley last year. The team is excited to see him compete again this season and are confident that he will continue to impress. Alongside Malachi, Kimberly Bojorquez is also expected to make an impact with her jumps and throws. As one of the top female returners, her hard work and dedication on the field make her a valuable asset to the team. Another key player to watch out for is Mickell Melancon. Despite it being his first year competing in track and field, he performed exceptionally well last season. With his natural speed and jumping abilities, the team has high expectations for him this year. Donovan Contreras is another top athlete to keep an eye on, especially in the throwing events. His performance last year was impressive, and the team is expecting even bigger results from him this season. In distance running, Jonathan Godinez stands out as one of Selma High's top runners as a freshman.