Tofik Khedawala
Tue, February 20, 2024 at 07:02 AM
At Shah H. D. High school, the anticipation builds for the upcoming sports season. As fans and students eagerly await the action and excitement that comes with watching their favorite teams, we spoke with Coach Soyab Sumra about the upcoming season for the Shah H. D. High school team. He shared with us his insider perspective on the top returning players, the key to success, and the team chemistry and camaraderie that will be essential for this year's team. When asked about the top returning players from last season, Coach Sumra was quick to highlight the standout athletes who will be carrying the team this year. "Our top returning players are Mia Patel and Karan Singh," he said. "Both of them are exceptional athletes with a strong skill set and leadership qualities." Mia Patel, a senior, is a force to be reckoned with on the court. She is an all-around player, excelling in both offense and defense. Her speed, agility, and powerful shots make her a key player in any game. "Mia brings a ton of energy and enthusiasm to the team," Coach Sumra remarked. "She always puts in extra effort during practices and games, and her determination is contagious." On the other hand, Karan Singh, a junior, is a dominant force in the pool. He is a skilled swimmer, taking on multiple events and consistently finishing at the top. Singh's dedication to the sport is evident in his performances as he constantly strives to improve his times and techniques. "Karan is a natural leader and a hard worker," Coach Sumra noted. "He sets a great example for his teammates and motivates them to push themselves to be better every day." What sets these players apart is not only their impressive skill set but also their dedication and positive attitude. They lead by example and inspire their teammates to give their best on and off the field. When asked about the key to success for the upcoming season, Coach Sumra spoke about the importance of teamwork and discipline. He emphasized the need for all players to work together towards a common goal. "Teamwork is crucial in any sport, and it will be the key to our success this season," Coach Sumra said. "We need to focus on our strengths and work on our weaknesses as a team to achieve our goals." Aside from teamwork, Coach Sumra also stressed the importance of discipline and commitment.