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Wed, February 21, 2024 at 01:02 AM . Delaware
As we look forward to another exciting high school basketball season, all eyes are on the team at Test School. With a new coach at the helm, the team is looking to make a strong impression and leave their mark on the court. We had the opportunity to interview Coach Soeb Shaikh about the team's outlook and top players for the upcoming season. When asked about the top returning players from last season, Coach Shaikh didn't hesitate to mention senior point guard Alex Lopez. He described Lopez as an all-around player with the ability to score, defend, and create plays for his teammates. Lopez's ball-handling skills and court vision make him a crucial piece of the team's offense. Coach Shaikh also noted Lopez's strong leadership skills on and off the court. Another key returning player is junior forward Chris Johnson. Standing at 6'5", Johnson is a force in the paint and a dominant rebounder. His size and athleticism also make him a strong defender, able to guard multiple positions. Coach Shaikh praised Johnson's hard work and dedication in the offseason, which has resulted in significant improvement in his game. Junior shooting guard Mark Nguyen rounds out the top returning players for Test School. With his deadly 3-point shooting and quickness on the court, Nguyen is a threat to any opponent's defense. Not only does he provide valuable scoring for the team, but he also brings a tenacious attitude on the defensive end. Coach Shaikh mentioned that Nguyen's work ethic and coachability make him an essential piece of the team. All three of these players have been integral parts of the team's success in the past, and their experience and talent will be crucial for the team's success this season. But what truly makes these top returning players special is their commitment to the team's goals. As Coach Shaikh emphasized, the main goal for this season is to continually improve and qualify for the CCS playoffs. The players understand the importance of trusting the process, each other, and bringing energy every day to achieve this goal. The team's trust in one another is evident in their chemistry on the court. As a coach, Coach Shaikh has emphasized the importance of teamwork and selflessness, and the players have embraced this mentality. This cohesive bond between the players will undoubtedly contribute to the team's success this season. In addition to the top returning players, Coach Shaikh also highlighted a few players to watch for this season. One of them is freshman point guard Ethan Chen.