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Thu, February 15, 2024 at 12:02 PM
As the new high school basketball season approaches, fans of the Testing High School team are eager to see what the upcoming season has in store. With a mix of experienced veterans and promising new players, Coach Kushal Patel is confident that this year's team has what it takes to make a statement on the court. The Falcons will be led by returning seniors Maggie Lam and Alice Wu. Lam, standing tall at 5'8", brings versatility to the team as she can handle the ball and play with her back to the basket. Despite frequently defending players taller than her, Lam has worked on her midrange game in the off-season, making her a formidable threat on both ends of the court. Wu may be unassuming, but she is the team's best slasher and her strength and crafty finishing ability make her a valuable asset. Her quickness and defensive abilities also make her a key player for the Falcons. But it's not just the experienced players that are going to make an impact this season. Coach Patel is excited about the potential of the three new additions to the team – Kate Nagareda, Meena Yarlagadda, and Charisse Chao. With only nine total players on the team, the Falcons will rely heavily on the contributions of all six of their returning varsity players, as well as their new recruits. Sophomore Kate Nagareda is described as a spark plug, bringing immediate energy to the court. Her energetic and determined approach to the game will undoubtedly make her a fan favorite this season. Another sophomore, Meena Yarlagadda, brings a much-needed post presence to the team. Despite her young age, Yarlagadda has proven to have a high basketball IQ, making her a valuable addition to the roster. The team's youngest member, freshman Charisse Chao, has already caught the attention of her coach with her calm and composed demeanor on the court. Despite being a new player on the team, Chao's ability to handle pressure and knock down midrange shots is a testament to her basketball skills and maturity. With such a small team, it may seem like a challenge for the Falcons to compete against larger and more experienced teams. However, Coach Patel sees the silver lining in this situation. He believes that having a smaller team allows for better communication and cohesion among the players.