California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 15:34 PM
As the new season for the Thomas Downey High School wrestling team approaches, Coach Admin Admin is optimistic about the team's potential for growth and improvement. With a strong focus on teamwork, leadership, and accountability, Coach Admin is determined to lead the team to success both on and off the mat. The overall goal for the team this year is to continue growing in a positive direction as a program and as individuals. This includes improving on last year's performance and building a strong foundation for future seasons. To achieve this, Coach Admin emphasizes the importance of hard work, dedication, and a positive mindset. One of the key factors to success this season will be the top returning players from last year. Senior wrestlers Josh Cantrell and Robert Barajas, along with juniors Scott Kelch and Zoey Ridenour, are all master qualifiers and bring a wealth of experience and skill to the team. However, Coach Admin also acknowledges the potential of up and coming wrestlers in the program such as junior Cesar Cervantes and sophomore Josiah Welch. In addition to the returning players, Coach Admin is also excited about the impact that new players will have on the team. This includes freshmen Alonso Sanchez, Jario Torres, Ethan Boss, and Sean Standley. Coach Admin believes that the success of the team starts with the young wrestlers and is focused on growing the program from the ground up. When it comes to choosing team captains, Coach Admin looks for leaders both on and off the mat. This includes players who the team can look up to and learn from. As of now, the team is still in the process of selecting captains for this season. Team chemistry and camaraderie are crucial for success in any sport, and Coach Admin recognizes this. In order to foster a strong bond among the team members, they spend 10+ hours together on Saturdays, in addition to their practice hours. This allows the team to get to know each other better and build a support system for one another. As a coach, one of the biggest challenges is motivating players to reach their full potential. For Coach Admin, the key to motivation is making sure that the players understand that wrestling is not just a physical sport, but also a mental one. The team is taught the importance of mental toughness and are put in challenging scenarios during practice to prepare them for competition. The team's schedule for this season is jam-packed, with tournaments and matches every weekend for the varsity boys, JV boys, and girls team. While