Boomer Elmsdale
Mon, February 19, 2024 at 12:02 PM . California
These fans and supporters make the hard work and dedication worth it. We're looking forward to making them proud and bringing home a CIF championship. Coach Jayme Wheeler is entering her fifth season as the head coach of the Valencia High School swim team. With a strong background in competitive swimming and a passion for coaching, Coach Wheeler has high hopes for the team this season. In this article, we will take a closer look at the team's goals, returning players, new additions, team chemistry, challenges, opponents, and the importance of mental and communication skills. Overall Goals and Key to Success: Coach Wheeler's main focus for the team this season is winning CIF while having fun. With strong determination and a positive mindset, the team is aiming for the ultimate goal of bringing home a CIF championship. However, Coach Wheeler also believes that it is important for the team to have fun and enjoy the journey of achieving their goal. Balancing hard work and fun is the key to success for this team. Top Returning Players: One of the top returners this season is Jordan Lozada, a junior known for his skills in butterfly. He is expected to be a standout performer this season and will be someone to look out for in the pool. His dedication and determination towards the sport make him a valuable asset to the team. New Players Impact: The team has a number of new additions this season, particularly freshmen boys, who are expected to make an immediate impact on the team. Some of the names to look out for include Noah Lawas, Tanner Scott, and Josiah Cerera. Coach Wheeler has high hopes for these new players and believes they will bring a fresh energy and talent to the team. Qualities of Team Captains: Choosing team captains is always a tough decision, but Coach Wheeler has a clear idea of what she looks for in a potential captain. She mentioned that seniors who have an impact on the team, not just in terms of performance, but also in terms of team spirit and camaraderie are chosen as captains. They should also be someone the team can look up to, a true team player, and an overall kind person who can represent the team. This season, the team has four captains - Cameron Alexander, Chelsea Dela Calzada, Adam Meldrum, and Spencer Tisdell, who possess all these qualities and will lead the team towards success.