Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 06:02 AM
As the Valencia High School swim team gears up for their season, excitement and determination are in the air. For Head Coach Jayme Wheeler, the ultimate goal is to win CIF while also having fun. With a strong group of returning athletes and a promising new lineup, the team is poised for success this year. One of the key returners to watch out for is junior Jordan Lozada. Specializing in the butterfly, Lozada is a force to be reckoned with in the pool. His talent and skill have already made an impact in previous years, and he is expected to continue to shine this season. With two more years to compete, Lozada is a rising star that the entire team can rally behind. But it's not just about the returning athletes, the freshmen boys joining the team this year are also worthy of attention. Coach Wheeler has high hopes for Noah Lawas, Tanner Scott, and Josiah Cerera, as they bring fresh talent and energy to the team. These newcomers may just be the secret weapons that Valencia needs to achieve their goal of winning CIF. Team captains are vital to the success of any sports team, and Coach Wheeler takes great care in selecting the perfect leaders for Valencia. This season, seniors Cameron Alexander, Chelsea Dela Calzada, Adam Meldrum, and Spencer Tisdell will serve as the team captains. But it's not just about performance on the pool, Coach Wheeler looks for individuals who have made a positive impact on the team as a whole and have the qualities of a true leader. These four captains possess the qualities of someone who can be looked up to, a team-oriented mindset, and a kind character to represent the team with pride. In addition to practicing and competing together, the Valencia swim team also focuses on building a strong bond among its members. With team bonding events like "Pasta Parties" before meets, and other fun activities and fundraisers, the team becomes more than just a group of athletes but a close-knit family. This camaraderie and support amongst teammates will only serve to enhance their performance in the pool. The season kicks off with a challenging meet against Hart, but the Valencia team is unfazed. With a positive attitude and determination, they are ready to face every opponent that comes their way. Some other notable meets to look forward to this season include matchups with West Ranch and Saugus.