National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 15:38 PM
As we approach the start of the high school swimming season in Valencia, all eyes are on the team's ultimate goal - to win CIF while maintaining a positive and fun team dynamic. Coach Jayme Wheeler, who has been leading the Valencia swim team for several years now, believes that a successful season is not just about winning competitions, but also about fostering a supportive and inclusive team environment. Looking at the roster for this year, one name that stands out is junior Jordan Lozada. Coach Wheeler describes Lozada as someone to watch out for in his butterfly events. With his strong performance and determination, Lozada is a key player in the team's quest for CIF victory. But the team has a lot more to showcase this season with a talented group of freshmen boys joining the team. Coach Wheeler is excited about the potential of this new crop of swimmers, particularly highlighting Noah Lawas, Tanner Scott, and Josiah Cerera as ones to watch out for. Their hard work and dedication have already caught the attention of the coach, and she believes they will bring a fantastic energy to the team. It's not just about individual talent on the Valencia swim team, but also about the team spirit and camaraderie. That's why Coach Wheeler carefully chooses team captains who not only excel in the pool but also embody the team's values. This year, the team has four exceptional seniors as captains - Cameron Alexander, Chelsea Dela Calzada, Adam Meldrum, and Spencer Tisdell. These individuals have been instrumental in creating a positive team culture and leading by example, making them worthy of the captaincy. In addition to regular practices and meets, the team makes sure to bond and have fun outside of the pool. Coach Wheeler believes that team bonding is crucial in building strong relationships and trust among team members. The team has a tradition of having "Pasta parties" before their meets, where they get together to fuel up and lift each other's spirits. These events, along with fundraisers and other bonding activities, contribute to the team's sense of unity and support. With a tough season ahead, the Valencia swim team looks forward to competing against some of the best teams in the league. The team's first meet will be against Hart, one of their biggest rivals. It's not going to be an easy match, but Coach Wheeler is confident that her team is ready to face the challenge.