Boomer Elmsdale
Wed, March 20, 2024 at 04:03 AM . California
Valley Christian Academy's Lady Knights are ready for another exciting season on the court. After making it to the section title game last year, the team is determined to push even further and make a run at the state championship. With their eyes set on this goal, they have been focusing on teamwork and defense as their key to success. Leading the pack are several talented returning players, including senior Mariah Contreras, who was the leading scorer last year. Her ability to read the floor and drive to the basket makes her a valuable asset. Junior Gabby Jackson Brown is a force in the paint and on the boards, while her fellow junior, Ellie Gunter, is known for her strong defense and rebounding skills. Sophomores Janet Donkor and Lydia Gunter also bring their own unique talents to the team, with Donkor as the second leading scorer and Gunter providing height and strong footwork in the paint. In addition to these returning players, Coach Kimberly Contreras is excited about the new additions to the team. Speedy newcomers Shyanne Richter and Lovely Williams are expected to make an immediate impact on the court. As the team prepares for the season, Coach Contreras is looking for natural leaders to step up as team captains. She values players who have good character and want the best for the whole team, regardless of wins or losses. The current captains are Mariah Contreras, Ellie Gunter, and Kylie Bazil, but there are other players who are also vying for this role. One of the biggest challenges facing the Lady Knights this season is the loss of two key players to graduation. These players were not only top performers on the court, but also natural leaders. However, Coach Contreras is confident that the team will be able to fill their roles and continue to excel. To ensure team chemistry and camaraderie, the Lady Knights participate in team building activities and outings. Coach Contreras understands the importance of a united team, both on and off the court, and works hard to foster a supportive and positive team dynamic. To push her players to their full potential, Coach Contreras believes in positive encouragement and detailed training. By praising their use of skills in practice, she motivates her team to use these skills in games. The Lady Knights' schedule for this season is full of tough opponents, as they face some upper division teams in their preseason games.