California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 17:21 PM
As the new basketball season approaches, fans and supporters of Valley Christian Academy are eagerly awaiting the return of their beloved team. With the help of Coach Admin Admin, we have been given a preview of what to expect this year and what it takes to build a successful team. The overall goals for this season are clear - get back to the section title game and make a run at state. For this to happen, Coach Admin Admin emphasizes the importance of teamwork and defense. These two elements will be the key to success for the team this year. The top returning players from last season are already making an impact on the team. Seniors Mariah Contreras and Ellie Gunter are leading in points and defensive rebounds respectively. Sophomore Janet Donkor demonstrated her ball handling skills and ability to run the offense, while junior Gabby Jackson Brown worked hard in the paint and on the boards. Sophomore Lydia Gunter also brings height and strong footwork to the team. Coach Admin Admin praises the diversity of skills that these returning players possess and how they will contribute to the team's success. But it's not just about returning players, new additions to the team will also play a key role in their journey to achieving their goals. Shyanne Richter and Lovely Williams are two players expected to make an immediate impact with their speed. Coach Admin Admin is excited to see what these new players will bring to the team and how they will complement the existing players. Leadership is an important aspect of any team, which is why the qualities Coach Admin Admin looks for in potential team captains includes a natural leader who wants the best for the whole team and displays good character both on and off the court. This year, Mariah Contreras, Ellie Gunter, and Kylie Bazil have been chosen as captains for their leadership skills and ability to motivate and inspire their teammates. Coach Admin Admin believes that their leadership will be crucial in the team's success. Building team chemistry and camaraderie is also an important factor for a successful season. Coach Admin Admin implements team building skills and team bonding outings to create a sense of unity and trust among the players. This not only helps with communication on the court but also creates a positive and supportive team dynamic. When it comes to motivating players to reach their full potential, Coach Admin Admin believes in positive encouragement and detailed training. The team is praised for utilizing the skills taught in practice and is constantly pushed to give their best effort in every game. Preparing for this season has come with