California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 15:39 PM
Coach Admin Admin, head coach for the Valley High School wrestling team, has lofty goals for his team this season: to not only succeed on the mat, but also to teach his players valuable life lessons through the sport of wrestling. With a mix of experienced returning players and promising new additions, Coach Admin is confident in his team’s potential for success this year. The most important factor for achieving their goals, according to Coach Admin, is instilling in the players the values of hard work, commitment, and camaraderie. He believes that these qualities not only make great wrestlers, but also great people. Leading the charge this season will be a core group of returning players: Oscar Dominguez, Alex Andrade, Thy Kwat, Danae Dixon, Adrain Rico, and Muhibden Faruk. These players not only possess exceptional athletic abilities, but they also embody the qualities and values that Coach Admin looks for in his team. With the addition of Gabe Waltrip, a new player who is expected to make an immediate impact, Coach Admin is excited about the team’s potential. This young wrestler has caught the coach’s attention with his dedication and skill, making him a valuable asset to the team. Leadership is an essential aspect of any successful team, and Coach Admin carefully selects his team captains based on their strong leadership qualities. This year, the captains for Valley High School’s wrestling team are Alex Andrade and Oscar Dominguez. Both players display a strong sense of leadership and maturity both on and off the mat. While they have shown great leadership, there are also other players, like Muhibden Faruk, who are competing for the role of captain. To promote team chemistry and camaraderie, Coach Admin requires his players to commit to each other and to the team’s values. Additionally, the team has regular bonding days filled with food and fun, helping to create a strong bond between the players. Motivation is key in helping the players perform at their full potential, and Coach Admin does this by setting goals for the team and providing them with the tools and guidance to achieve those goals. He believes that when players have a clear goal in mind and a path to reach it, they are more driven to succeed. Preparing for the season has not been without its challenges, particularly filling all of the weight classes and ensuring the players are academically eligible. However, Coach Admin is confident that with hard work and determination, these challenges can be overcome. The team’s schedule