California News Admin
Wed, February 7, 2024 at 15:58 PM
With high school wrestling season just around the corner, fans and supporters are eagerly anticipating the start of another exciting season for the Waterford High School wrestling team. To get a better insight into the team's preparations and goals, we spoke to Coach Admin Admin about his expectations for the team this season. Coach Admin Admin's goals for the team this season are ambitious yet attainable. They include winning the league, winning the Masters Dual Meet Championships, and finishing as the highest placing Division 6 school in the Division 5 Individual championships. These goals set a high bar for the team, but also provide motivation and drive to push themselves to their full potential. To achieve these goals, Coach Admin Admin believes that success lies in the team's key returning players who have been with the team for three years. Among them are Ryan Espinoza (144lbs) and Daniel Mercado (215lbs). Both players possess unique strengths that set them apart from others in their weight class. Espinoza is strong and quick, while Mercado is surprisingly agile for a heavyweight wrestler. In addition to their physical abilities, both players also have a deep understanding of the sport, which makes them crucial members of the team and invaluable assets on the mat. In terms of new players, Coach Admin Admin has high expectations for Noah Rollins (120lbs), Jesus Serrano (140lbs), and Wyatt Towe (113lbs). These players have shown great promise and have the potential to make an immediate impact on the team. Their skills and determination will be crucial in filling the 14 weight classes, a task that Coach Admin Admin identifies as the biggest challenge this season. One aspect that Coach Admin Admin values highly is team chemistry and camaraderie. He believes that a strong bond amongst the team leads to better performance on the mat. To foster this, the team participates in various friendly competitions that do not necessarily involve wrestling, allowing the players to have fun and build relationships outside of practice. The team also spends a lot of time together during tournaments, which helps develop a sense of unity and support among the team. When it comes to motivation, Coach Admin Admin believes in recognizing and highlighting the positive efforts of his players. By acknowledging their progress and success, he aims to inspire them to continue working hard and reaching for their full potential. The coaches also share personal stories from their own wrestling experiences, showing the players that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible. Looking at the team's schedule this season, Coach Admin