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National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 15:57 PM
West Torrance HS Track and Field: Previewing the 2020 Season As the spring season approaches, the West Torrance HS track and field team is gearing up for another exciting year of competition. We had the opportunity to speak with Coach Eric Madera to get a preview of what fans can expect from the team this year. With a strong focus on depth and a core group of talented returners, the team is ready to reclaim their league titles and make a mark at various meets throughout the season. Depth is Key to Success One of the primary goals for the West Torrance team this year is to reclaim their league titles in both the Varsity Men and Women's divisions. When asked about the team's strategy, Coach Madera emphasized the importance of depth. He explained that the team has done a lot of recruiting and had athletes try out new events during the off season in order to strengthen their performance across multiple events. Top Returners The team has a solid group of returners who are expected to make a big impact this season. Caden Matsumoto, Mina Chung, and Bernice Nkemnji are three standout athletes who are poised to lead the team to success. Caden, a junior, is a top long jumper in California for indoor track. Mina, a senior, is the reigning league champion in the 100m dash. And Bernice, a junior, is a versatile athlete who competes in sprints and long jump. New Talent In addition to the top returners, the team also has some promising new talent. Coach Madera mentioned a group of three girls who are trying the triple jump for the first time this season and show great potential. This added depth and versatility will be crucial for the team's success. Leadership and Team Dynamics When it comes to leadership on the team, Coach Madera believes in a more organic approach. He explained that often, the kids who are naturally drawn to leadership will take the reins and everything will sort itself out. These leaders not only set the example for their teammates, but also hold them accountable for their actions and engagement in practice. Motivation and Team Philosophy When asked about how he keeps his athletes motivated, Coach Madera emphasized the importance of internal motivation. He believes that it is the responsibility of the athletes to fuel their own passion for the sport and never rely on others to push them.