Boys Volleyball
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 16, 2024 at 07:02 AM
The West Valley High School volleyball team is gearing up for what could be a breakthrough season. With a mix of experienced returners and new talent, Coach Shaun Pulsipher has high hopes for his team. In this interview, Coach Pulsipher shares his thoughts on the upcoming season, the key players to watch, and the team's goals and challenges. Coach Pulsipher's main goal for the team this year is to win the league championship. "That's always our biggest goal," he says. "And this year, more than ever, I feel like we have a real shot at it." He stresses the importance of making the top 3 and qualifying for playoffs, but ultimately, his goal is to bring the championship title back to West Valley High School. In order for this to happen, Coach Pulsipher is counting on his returners to step up and lead the team. One player in particular that he has high expectations for is senior Lafayette Tatum. Tatum, who is only in his second year of volleyball, has shown great improvement and Coach Pulsipher believes he is ready for a breakthrough season. "He has really put in the work and I have no doubt that he will make a big impact on the court," the coach says. Another key player to watch is junior Carlvin Valdez, a new transfer from another school. Coach Pulsipher was thrilled to have Valdez join the team, stating that he brings a wide range of skills that can potentially take the team to the next level. However, Valdez's eligibility is still pending, which could pose a challenge for the team. Coach Pulsipher remains hopeful that Valdez will be cleared to play and contribute to the team's success this season. When it comes to building a successful team, Coach Pulsipher emphasizes the importance of instilling pride in the school and the program. As an alumni of West Valley High School, he knows first-hand the importance of representing the maroon and gray on and off the court. "I try to pass that drive and hunger for success to all my athletes," he says. This sense of pride and school spirit is what fuels the team to strive for greatness. The team will face some tough non-league opponents at the start of the season, including Great Oak and Chaparral, both from Temecula, and Rancho Verde, who won Coach Pulsipher's varsity tournament last year.