Boomer Elmsdale
Mon, February 19, 2024 at 02:02 AM . California
As the new season approaches, excitement and anticipation are building for the West Valley High School volleyball team. With goals to win a league championship and make playoffs, Coach Shaun Pulsipher and his team are working hard to ensure a successful season. I had the opportunity to chat with Coach Pulsipher about his team for a preview article, and he shared valuable insights into his returners, new players, and the keys to success for the team. Coach Pulsipher's overall goal for the team this season is to win a league championship. However, he acknowledges that if that doesn't happen, the team at least needs to make the top 3 and qualify for playoffs. In order to achieve these goals, he stresses the importance of his returners stepping up and paving the way for the new players to quickly adapt and contribute on the court. This will be crucial in maintaining the team's success. Diego Allievi, a starting outside hitter, is the top returning player from last season. As a sophomore, he was named to the 1st team all league, and Coach Pulsipher has high expectations for him this year. He believes that Allievi's experience and skills, both at the service line and on the front line of attack, will be a major factor in the team's success this season. Another key returner is senior Lafayette Tatum, who is only in his second year of playing volleyball. Despite this, he is a valuable player and will be relied upon heavily for some of the offensive load. Coach Pulsipher also has a new transfer student, junior Carlvin Valdez, who he believes will have an immediate impact on the team. With a wide variety of skills, if cleared in time, Valdez could potentially be the missing piece for the team's success this season. When it comes to motivating his players to push themselves to their full potential, Coach Pulsipher talks to them about having pride for the school they play for. Being an alumnus of West Valley himself, he knows the importance of representing the school with pride and striving for success. He also draws inspiration and techniques from famous coaches and athletes to instill a drive and hunger for success in his players. Looking at the team's schedule this season, Coach Pulsipher acknowledges that they have some tough matches ahead.