Track & Field
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, February 23, 2024 at 06:02 AM . Kansas
With this year's track and field season quickly approaching, the Wichita County High School track team is gearing up for an exciting and successful season. We spoke with Coach Janee Porter to get a preview of the team and their goals for this year. The overall goals for the team this season are to continue building on the foundation the seniors have laid out and to help the younger athletes improve. The team has lost many seniors in the past, and this year, it is their goal to finish their legacy strong and help develop new leaders for the future. The team has been focusing on community building and supporting one another, and this has had a positive impact on their performance as well. Coach Porter believes that one of the keys to success for the team is their well-rounded athletes. At Wichita County High School, they don't have students who specialize in just one sport, so they bring their skills and experiences from other sports into the track and field season. This creates a strong and versatile team that can excel in different events. Returning players from last season that Coach Porter is excited about include Simon Medina, who will be a senior this year and was a top shot putter as a sophomore. Medina's success has also inspired other throwers, such as juniors Topia and Christopher Michelle and senior Brandon Price. On the running side of things, senior White Gardner is a standout athlete and serves as a team leader. The girls' side has a talented group of seniors, including Sierra Hernandez, Sydney Bierman, Madelyn Myers, Samantha Medina, Michelle Gageos, reporter Brian Ricky, and many others who excel in various events. The biggest challenge in preparing for this season has been getting the students motivated after their previous sports seasons. Many of the athletes are also involved in football, basketball, and other sports, so it can be challenging to transition into a new season. But once they are on the track, the students are hardworking and driven to succeed. Coach Porter's coaching philosophy revolves around being a mental athlete and emphasizes the importance of character and being a successful adult. She pushes her team to not only excel in sports but in other areas of their lives as well. The students have embraced this philosophy and have demonstrated excellent character on and off the field. Balancing academics and sports is also a priority for Coach Porter and the team.