Track & Field
Boomer Elmsdale
Fri, March 1, 2024 at 01:03 AM . Kansas
Coach Mitch Kucera of the Wichita North High School track and field team is entering his fourth year as head coach. He has high hopes for his team this season and is focused on pushing each athlete to continuously improve and reach their full potential. His coaching philosophy, along with his dedicated assistant coaches, is the driving force behind the team's success and positive atmosphere. When asked about his overall goals for the team this season, Coach Kucera's main focus is on improvement and exceeding last year's performance. He aims to finish better than they did last year, which means placing higher in the league and having more state qualifiers. However, he also emphasizes the importance of continuous growth and striving to be the best in May, during the most crucial meets of the season. The keys to success for Coach Kucera and his team are simple - getting better every day and finding what each athlete is good at within the sport. He takes pride in the fact that many students who have never participated in a sport before choose track and field as their first one. With a variety of events available, the team is diverse and inclusive, allowing athletes to find their strengths and excel in their respective events. Coach Kucera's goal is to make every athlete believe that they can be successful and work towards achieving their full potential. The team at Wichita North High School is fortunate to have some top returning players, including three state qualifiers from the previous year - Alexa and Alice in the 2-mile and mile categories, Mia Hurst in the 800-meter race, and Mckenna Wilburn in shotput. Along with these, Coach Kucera is excited about the seniors who have been with him since their freshman year and have made significant progress over the years. Team chemistry and camaraderie are essential for Coach Kucera. He believes that the success of one athlete is the success of the entire team, and the same goes for their individual goals. To promote a supportive and encouraging environment, the team often cheers for each other, regardless of the event they are participating in. They also have a team motto - "One Team, One Family, One North," which reflects their unity and togetherness. When it comes to coaching these values, Coach Kucera leads by example. He emphasizes the importance of individual improvement and makes it clear that the competition is with oneself rather than others.