National Spring Preview Series Admin
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 13:31 PM
It's a new season for the Willow Glen High School basketball team, and with that comes new challenges and opportunities. We talked to Coach Thomas Ruark about his team's preparations for this season, and what we can expect from the players on the court. This year, Coach Ruark is looking forward to seeing his team grow and improve, despite only having two returning players from last year's Varsity team. Coach Ruark's focus for this season is on developing strong leadership within the team. With only two returning players, there will be a lot of new faces on the court, but Coach Ruark is confident in their abilities. "My backup setter at the start of the season was promoted to primary setter towards the end of the season. He showed consistency with his sets and great decision making on the court," says Coach Ruark about Daryan Azimi, one of the two returning players. This shows the trust and confidence Coach Ruark has in Azimi's abilities to lead the team. But it's not just the returning players that Coach Ruark has high hopes for. He also has a strong Junior Varsity team from last year, with many of the players likely to become starters this season. "Levi Hawthorpe is very fast and at 6'1" can easily dunk a basketball. He will be fun to watch this season," says Coach Ruark, highlighting one of the players who stood out during pre-season training. With his speed and height, Hawthorpe will be a key player to watch out for on the court this season. But beyond the physical abilities of his players, Coach Ruark is also emphasizing the importance of good leadership within the team. "Captains need to be role models and hold his teammates responsible. Leading by example is always a great trait," says Coach Ruark. With such a young team this season, it's crucial to have strong leaders who can guide the newcomers and set a good example for the entire team. This will be a key factor in the team's success this season. Team chemistry and bonding is another crucial aspect for Coach Ruark and the team this year. He admits that this was something lacking in last year's team and takes responsibility for it. "This year we plan to have more team bonding exercises and get-togethers," says Coach Ruark.