Boomer Elmsdale
Tue, February 20, 2024 at 04:02 AM
As the new season begins for Willow Glen High School's volleyball team, Coach Thomas Ruark is optimistic and determined to lead his players to success. The team may have faced challenges in the past, but with new strategies and a focused mindset, they are ready to take on the competition. Coach Ruark's overall goal for the team this season is simple - to win. He believes that with hard work, dedication, and teamwork, they have the potential to achieve great things. The key to their success will be staying focused and living up to their full potential on every play. With only two returning players from last season's Varsity team, Coach Ruark's challenge this year is to develop new talent and create a cohesive team. One of the key returners is Daryan Azimi, the backup setter from last season who showed consistency and excellent decision-making on the court. The other returning player is the primary setter, who was promoted from the backup position last year. With their experience and skill, these players will be instrumental in guiding the team towards victory. Coach Ruark is also looking to the players from last year's strong Junior Varsity team to make an immediate impact this season. He specifically highlights Levi Hawthorpe, who stands at 6'1" and has impressive speed and athletic ability. Hawthorpe's dunking skills on the basketball court gives him an edge on the volleyball court, making him an exciting player to watch this season. When it comes to choosing captains for the team, Coach Ruark looks for players who lead by example and hold their teammates accountable. A captain should be a role model both on and off the court, setting the standard for hard work and dedication. Currently, there are players competing for the captain role and the final decision will be based on their contribution to the team's success. Building team chemistry and camaraderie is a top priority for Coach Ruark this season. Last season, the team struggled in this aspect, and he acknowledges that it was a mistake on his part. He plans to organize more team bonding exercises and get-togethers outside of practice and games. This will allow the players to build trust and understanding, which is crucial for a successful team. Coach Ruark knows that motivation is key in pushing his players to their full potential. He encourages them to set personal goals and to constantly push themselves to reach higher levels of performance.