Boomer Elmsdale
Wed, March 20, 2024 at 06:03 AM . California
Woodside High School is known for its strong sports programs, and this year's teams are no exception. The school's varsity football team in particular has been making waves, having an undefeated season thus far. Coach Dan Peterson, who has been coaching at Woodside for the past five years, sat down with us to give a preview of the Woodside High School team this year. Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the varsity football team this year? A: This year's team is an exceptional group of young athletes. We have a great mix of experienced players and talented newcomers. They have been working hard both on and off the field, and it shows in their performance. Q: What is the team's biggest strength this year? A: I would say our biggest strength is our defense. We have a strong group of players who are dedicated and disciplined. They have been working on their technique and communication and it has been paying off. Our defense has been able to shut down some of the best offenses in our league. Q: What about the offense? A: Our offense is also quite impressive. We have a balanced mix of passing and running plays, and our quarterback has been a standout player. He has a strong arm and excellent decision-making skills. Our offensive line is also very talented and has been doing a great job protecting the quarterback. Q: How has the team been preparing for the upcoming season? A: We have been training hard since the end of last season. The players have been lifting weights, running, and attending regular practices. We also had a few scrimmages and a conditioning camp during the summer to help the team bond and build chemistry. Q: What are the team's goals for this season? A: Our ultimate goal is to win the league championship, as well as make it to the state playoffs. We have had a few disappointing seasons in the past, but this year, we have a strong and determined group of players who are eager to achieve those goals. Q: Are there any particular players to watch out for this season? A: I don't want to single out any specific players, as it takes a team effort to win games. However, we do have a few key players who have been standing out on both sides of the ball. Our quarterback, as I mentioned earlier, is definitely one to watch out for. Our running back and wide receivers have also been making some great plays.